Welcome to VBC Touring

Gorge_mainWe believe that life and travel is much more fun and interesting when experiencing it from the seat of a bicycle.  This site is dedicated to supporting members of the Vancouver Bicycle Club who are interested in self-supported bicycle touring. Not a member of the VBC yet?  Well don’t be shy and join in with all the fun and go touring with us.

We work hard at helping those who are new to bicycle touring gain the necessary skills, abilities and knowledge about how to travel on two wheels.   Each one of us started out not knowing much about bicycle touring, so we love to help others as a way of giving back to those who helped us.

mainpageThat is what is so great about our club… beyond enjoying riding our bikes, we love to help others experience the joys of bicycling and bicycle touring.  Feel free to contact us if you want to learn how to join the adventure of bicycle touring.

So what are you waiting for?  Let’s go touring!